Dear Griever,

F*** you are here. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling to bring you to this website. You have joined a secret society that no one really wants to be part of. There really are no words sometimes to describe the depth of the pain after loss. 

I’m sure you had a dream. You thought life would or would not be a certain way and it feels like life has betrayed you. You may feel like you are continuing to climb out of a dark hole, trying and trying again only to fall back down. You may be tired, tired of carrying this pain around with you. The pain is overwhelming, even debilitating at times. You may feel like you are drowning. It’s hard to concentrate. It’s hard to breathe. It’s hard to focus on everyday things. It’s hard to be present for those around you. It must seem as if the world has continued moving on around you after your loss…

 Yet you are stuck. 

Right now, I can only imagine that you are thinking about all the things that you wish would have been different, better, or more. 

What you are experiencing is a natural normal response to what you have endured. 

You are NOT crazy. 

You have a broken heart. 

Grief has no expiration date. No amount of time will ever help you to recover from the pain of loss. 

If you got a flat tire on the side of the road, would you pull up a chair and sit and wait and watch for it to reinflate itself? I highly doubt that! You would take your car to the shop, buy a new tire, have it properly installed, aligned, and then drive off. Grief Recovery Method is similar! You are taking a series of small steps through the Grief Recovery Method to be able to realign your feelings and build up your ability to complete the unfinished emotional business that is holding you back from feeling joy. 

Grief is like the ocean. The waves keep coming, knocking you down. Grief Recovery looks like learning to swim, learning to brace for the impact of the wave hitting you, and learning to enjoy the moments in between those waves. You have the ability to determine what your “new normal” looks like for you. 

I speak from personal and professional experience to let you know that there is the capacity for joy in your life again. I am committed to sitting here with you.. through the tough stuff... through the pain .. until we can get to the other side of grief. We can process the pain you feel through your heart, together. This is the only way to the other side of loss. 

Let me help you learn to live again. To find purpose in your pain. 

Learning to live in acceptance of the loss, not in spite of the loss. 

I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. Let me be your heart with ears! 

Love & Light, 
Lisa Martin MSW, LCSW
Living Beyond Loss

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