Lisa’s personal experiences with grief have spanned over a lifetime. She has lost grandparents, friends, pets, a job, and been divorced. However, the most profound loss experience that shaped her core and her desire to create a space for others to navigate through grief and loss was the loss of her 3 babies through miscarriage and her secondary infertility journey. She believes that knowing the facts about our experiences do not change the power the experience has on us. Her desire is to be a heart with ears for you and to assist you in finding recovery and purpose in your pain. Lisa helps to give a voice to the unfinished emotional business we are often left with in loss. She is empowered to create a forum to help others and create change within her community in understanding that grief is an emotion.

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Educational Credentials

Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW) from Christopher Newport University

Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from St. Leo University

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist certified by the Grief Recovery Institute

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with an emphasis on studies in Trauma, PTSD, and Grief & Loss

Experience Credentials

Lisa has always had a passion for helping others. The desire to help someone improve their life, in both big and small ways, has been a critical focus over the years for. Lisa is also a firm believer in meeting people where they are and has been in the helping profession for over 19 years and worked in a variety of settings. She has worked in School based healthcare settings, Domestic violence shelters, Residential facilities, Substance abuse programs, facilitated Intensive In Home Counseling with children, and also worked extensively one on one with Adults with Mental Illness in Mental Health Skill Building and Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs for the last 13 years. Lisa also serves as a volunteer with the non-profit group Post-Partum Support Virginia, providing support and counseling to women who contact the Warm Line in crisis after losing a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth.

"Losing my baby brought me to my knees. Lisa has been there consistently to remind me that my baby matters and my pain is recoverable. While I haven't finished the Grief Recovery Method yet I can tell you that I feel so hopeful working with Lisa that one day I won't feel this pain like this anymore.I tell her all the time I don't know why I believe her?!? haha But she brings me comfort and reminds me that no amount of time will ever change how much I loved my baby so my baby deserves to be honored by creating a space free from the pain of loss."